Snow Removal

Due to environmental and economic concerns, it is not the City’s policy to provide "bare pavement" driving conditions at all times and at all locations during the winter season.  City wide application of salt will not generally be done except in the case of an ice storm or similar extreme conditions.  Salt application will be minimal, as determined by the Director of Public Services or designee.  Although hazardous areas such as hills, curves, railroad crossings, controlled intersections and major streets will be given priority attention to minimize slippery road conditions, it is the responsibility of motor vehicle operators to use care and common sense while driving on City streets when snow and ice conditions exist. 

No Parking on city streets 2:00 am to 6:00 am November 1st to March 31st.  This is to allow our plows to clear streets curb-to-curb.  Parking tickets will be issued regardless of weather conditions, no exceptions.

The City performs its own snow removal.  Several factors figure into how snow/ice is treated such as:

  • Road temperatures
  • Wind conditions
  • Volume of snow already on the ground
  • Additional snow/ice forecasted
  • Volume of traffic and safety of the traveling public
  • Consistency of the snow that is falling

Priority 1 Streets:
Red Arrow Highway
Lake Street
Church Street
Baldwin Road
Rambo Road
Gast Road

Priority 2 Streets:
All other (secondary) streets not mentioned above

Priority 3:
Parking lots
Snow pile accumulations at intersections and wherever else these piles may present a safety issue


In order to avoid damage to curbside mailboxes, snowplow trucks must keep a safe distance away.  It’s expected that property owners will have to dome snow removal to provide easy access to the mailbox by letter carriers.  The City will reimburse homeowners for damaged mailboxes and/or posts if criteria is met as listed in the City’s mailbox replacement policy.

Hydrant Clearing

For the benefit of public safety, homeowners who live adjacent to fire hydrants are expected to keep these hydrants clear of snow and obstruction.  The Fire Department requests that at least three feet around the hydrant is cleared.